Nature Band

QR Living nature wristband
QR Living nature wristband
QR Living nature wristband
QR Living nature wristband

Nature Band

 - The planet in your palm.
Made of 100% biocompatible, surgical grade silicone. Stretchy and expandable in size for a natural fit. The color of a cloud.


Soon Sun: Energy and Connectedness.
Moon's Companion: Insight.
Especially Earth: Think Global.
Cloud Me: A Natural Protectant.
H2O: Reflection and New Growth.
First Flame: Intensity and Purification.
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Price includes:
1. Embossed QR-coded wristband*
2. Two (2) QR code stickers*
3. User Tips booklet
*QR code can re-direct to any URL


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  Nature Theme

This nature friendly wristband is perfect for those who love our planet.

The star of this QR Living theme is nature! Band its elements together and show you know their awesomeness. Believe in yourself as protector and admirer of the natural world. Create a Nature Page and just a scan away you can appreciate the world, yourself, and friends.



My daughter got me this nature band because she knows of my passion for all things nature. The symbols are delightful. And the nature band itself is very lightweight. Easy on my wrist. When she told me she also wants me to use this as an emergency contact card, I was confused. Turns out there is a "QR code" (I am not very up to date with technology) embedded into the nature band that people can scan with their phones to get my contact information, medical condition, or any other information I decide to put on it. Not a bad idea.


After a long arduous day of work, I often find myself stressed and frustrated. It’s usually after my 1,000th email or text when I take out my QR living Nature wristband. While I usually take out my wristband to scan and show my friend, it is precisely at these times that my wristband works best. My wristband helps me ground myself in the real world and to relieve the stress and strain of my everyday life and job. I don’t know where I would be with out my QR Living Band and I don’t want to know!


Love the nature band! The white looks really good since it can go with anything. And eye catching too! Received a lot of comments and compliments from my friends and even one from a very curious stranger.

And it's great that it can take people to my page. I can find so many uses for this. Definitely worth it.