Life Band

QR Living Life Wristband
QR Living Life Wristband
QR Living Life Wristband
QR Living Life Wristband

Life Band

 - So is living your life.
Made of 100% surgical grade silicone. Material stretches to fit your wrist. Clean, classic blue.


The Hut: A happy home space.
Hooray Friends!: Sharing the good stuff.
Cash Flow: Liking your work, not working to live.
We Care: Keeping that good health.
Re-cy-cle: The planet's future.
Yin-Yang-Yeah: Exercise balance.
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Price includes:
1. Embossed QR-coded wristband*
2. Two (2) QR code stickers*
3. User Tips booklet
*QR code can re-direct to any URL


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Wear this classic blue wristband and enjoy your life and friends!

Know and show the stuff life's made of today. Appreciate your self, your loved ones, and think forward. Here is a wearable link between reality and a unique virtuality where you can share what's best, and admire others that do as well, at your own Life page.



This Life band was an early present from my Secret Santa. Thought this was a prank at first because the box was so light. I was expecting something with more weight to it inside this fancy looking box. Then I realized it was this rich blue silicone wristband (good thing it wasn't heavy!). The symbols look great. The QR code looks very stylish. And it's my good luck charm. I'm always winning during poker nights,especially when I'm rubbing the $ symbol. Then I go home and post it on the Achievement wall on my QR Living page.


This is one good looking wristband. Got mine as a gift a few days ago and what a great gift. The designs on it are very attractive. And the navy blue somehow relaxes me during stressful days at work. The personalized page looks clean. And although I haven't used it much, I'm sure it's a great added bonus for many. Overall, this is a great, unique gift.


My bracelet came in a fine package, navy blue band with 6 unique embossed symbols around the eye-catching embedded QR Code in a plastic bag, a sticker with two aluminum type decals and a nice tiny user menu give me all the steps. It just like what they described on their Facebook landing page. The QR Code is easy to scan with my Blackberry's free App "QR code scanner pro' and I got it activate and choose the theme page I wanted in five mins after I read the How To on his site. It's worth the money and I will buy few more pieces for my cousins so we can play with it together. Good buy!


I purchased my LIfe Band in early December 2011 and I've been COMPLETELY obsessed with it ever since. Being the avid social media user that I am, I was intrigued by this new concept that users would only be granted membership to this exclusive network by buying different wristbands. As soon as I bought, received, and activated my band, I found myself constantly rolling up my sleeves in public. I must say I really felt like a pseudo-celebrity showing off my new accessory. Unfortunately, this didn't last very long. Even though I was the first of my friends to get the wristband, many of them followed suit and got one for themselves. Even though I may no longer be the only one with this new wristband, I highly recommend people of all ages buy one to start scanning and connecting with your friends today!


This wristband completely changed around my life! Each wristband has specific symbols embossed on it. Ranging from ‘cash flow’ to ‘we care’, each symbol means something totally different to me. I often turn to these symbols as a source of inspiration and stress relief. My favorite symbol is ‘Yin-Yang-Yeah’, translated as ‘to exercise balance’.